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accessories for footwear companies

Over 20 years on the market, M.B.F. is a leader in the production of parts and accessories for footwear companies. Accurate processing, speedy deliveries, highly competitive prices, in-depth study of customer demands and developments in terms of materials and models, have always represented the company's strengths.

Making quality shoes means giving everyone the feeling and the certainty of being elegant and refined, comfortable in every situation, and masters of their own style and comfort.

In addition to making custom-made footwear, M.B.F. offers services such as washing, polishing, waxing, re-shaping and sterilization of leather and suede footwear. Suede shoes require a process of unique manual washing, carried out with specific products, drying at room temperature, sealing and sterilization.

Contrastingly, leather shoes are polished and then waxed, then re-shaped for a few days and then sterilized.

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